These are member-only benefits for participants of the LAPS PSO. The LAPS PSO offers a variety of opportunities for members to exchange patient-safety experiences; discuss best practices; network; and learn in an open, uninhibited and legally-protected environment.

Safe Tables

A Safe Table provides a forum for LAPS PSO members to network and exchange best practices and patient-safety and quality experience in an open, uninhibited and legally-protected environment. Most importantly, it helps build a strong and supportive quality care community where collective learning is valued and collegial relationships are supported and encouraged. Safe Table sessions are legally protected under the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act of 2005 that allow healthcare providers to convene and have open dialogue about patient safety and quality issues.

Because this is an entirely protected forum, all information shared will remain confidential, and participants are required to sign a confidentiality agreement upon arrival at the meeting.

Upcoming Events/Presentations

  • Coming Soon: A list of upcoming events. 

Past Events/Presentations

  • Coming Soon: Links to past educational seminar presentations and resources from events will be posted on the password-protected portion of this website.